5/29/14 WOD, Coaching, and Deadlift Practice

Last night I was a little disorganized. I got to the gym in time to coach the 7pm class and then had to do the 8pm class because I had a dog sitter come by at 5:30pm and couldn’t make my usual 6pm class. I didn’t think it would fluster me much, but it kind of did. I switched up the warm up and did some mobility work first, then the warm up, then went over the movements before setting people loose. I had 1 very new athlete that really made me think about how I could help get him to a good workout and ended up needing help from the head coach. I still made sure to listen/watch/participate so I could add the scales/mods to my list for the future. (Just in case you’re curious – when you have an athlete who is struggling a LOT with their squat technique, squatting to a box will be the best thing for them.)

Then it was my turn to do the WOD:

Overhead Squat
8-8-8 <– 45Kg (almost 100#!)

Front Squat
4-4-4 <– 65Kg (could’ve gone heavier)

Back Squat
2-2-2 <– 100Kg

I didn’t spend too much time focusing on the OHS or Front Squat since I needed to practice back squat more. But I was pleased that I almost hit 100# for my OHS for 8 reps! I would actually love to retest my 1RM and see where I am now since clearly it’s over 115#.

After the squats I worked on my deadlift. I almost pulled 150Kg again but actually thought I had stalled out and wasn’t moving and gave up around my knees. GAH!!!! I know if I had my lifting buddy there she would’ve kept yelling at me to keep going and then I would’ve known I was actually moving and not given up. Oh well. At least I know I can pull it in a competition setting with adrenaline to fuel me!


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