6/9/14 Last Powerlifting Practice before the Push/Pull Meet

Last night we had our last bench practice before the Push/Pull Meet on Saturday. We only did bench press so as to start our taper/rest week and not tire ourselves out at all. We worked with a pause up to our 2nd attempt for the meet (65Kg) and then stopped.



I’m starting to get a little nervous about Saturday. I’ve started increasing my water intake to as close to 2 Gal as possible, I have a lemon to eat Friday night, and I plan on soaking in Epsom salts Friday night, too. I’m also going to work on making a video on Friday to show my prep day and just to mix things up on here. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube lately and I got inspired to vlog a little more.

I plan on working out tonight and then resting/taking it light the rest of the week. I’m coaching tonight and Thursday but that’s really it. Hopefully I don’t go too crazy with cabin fever this week.


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