6/19/14 PR City!

This week has been a surprisingly great one! Especially compared to how I was feeling about things last week I really needed this boost! First I PR’ed Monday on my back squat, then I PR’ed Wednesday on my deadlift, and now last night I PR’ed on my Power Clean!!!!

The WOD looked really exciting to me! When I saw this on the schedule I knew it was going to be a WOD for me:

3 rep Burpee + Clean & Jerk Ladder
– 1 minute rotation

82, 92, 102, 107, 112, 117, 123, 128, 133, 138 <– Rx

Perform 3 lateral jump over-the-bar Burpees before performing 3 Clean & Jerks

There was another row of progressive weight for the men but since I’m not a man I didn’t include it in today’s post. I knew the burpees were going to take up time and exhaust me so I made sure to do them as quickly as possible so I had time to set up to the bar and take a breath before lifting. I thought I would do touch and go reps until around 112# but after round 1 I felt like lowering the bar was going to waste time and energy. I know how to cycle my singles to go quickly so I went with that from 92# on. After going over the logistics of the WOD I was starting to have a little self doubt. It didn’t help that so far no one at the gym had successfully completed this WOD top to bottom. But I felt confident that since I could clean up to 138# that I could jerk it and get through it.

By the last 3 barbells time was getting tight. In the beginning I had about 20 seconds to get to my next barbell but once I hit around 123/128# I had only 10. 10 seconds made it much harder but I managed to get through 138#!!!!! SO STOKED!!! Only one in the gym to complete the full line!

The after party is where I really excelled. We did EMOM for about 15min of progressively heavy cleans. You could do squat or power and of course I did power. I finished my day at 153#!!!!! And just a couple weeks ago I felt like I was stuck at 135#! SO awesome!!!!

I am pretty sore from this week but it was all worth it! I’ll have most of the weekend to recover so I’m not too worried 🙂


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