6/25/14 Performance Class “Grace” variation [benchmark WOD]

Day 2 of the Crossfit Summer Camp Performance Class. I wasn’t as dead this morning as I have been Monday and Tuesday but I was still zombie like. It helped my attitude slightly in the warm up but mostly I was cranky until I left and finally woke up lol!

Warm up:

2 rounds of

20 overhead lunges <– used 15# plate

10 dynamic push ups (one hand on plate, then push up hard enough to swap hands to the other side)

We then worked up a hanging clean and jerk as close to a competition Rx weight as possible. I actually got to 95# but it wasn’t as easy as say 75# would’ve been. We then attempted to get as much of Grace done in 2:30 possible with as many reps coming from a hang. I feel like I could only do 10 (2 sets of 5) before I started doing singles and full power clean and jerks. I managed to bust out 25 reps in the 2:30 which I think is awesome! Crushes my previous time of 4:20!

After that we ramped to 80% of our 1 rep max Power Clean (125#) to perform 1 clean (jerk optional). I was instructed to then do 90% (135#) which I did successfully, too. We then had 1 min to do as many power cleans at 80% as we could. I managed 11 @ 125#.

Next up: Powerlifting this evening! 🙂


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