6/25/14 Powerlifting Practice

This week has been tough! Not only have I been adjusting to a new schedule but my workout load has almost doubled. Those 2 new things together have made for a long and tiring week. So it was no surprise that when I went back to the gym for Powerlifting I wasn’t as strong as I normally am.

We started off with deadlift and I wasn’t even very excited. My butt was already sore, my hands felt raw from the Performance class work, and I was still fatigued.

I hit 145Kg and if felt heavier than normal so it’s no surprise I didn’t hit 155Kg last night. It came off the ground but got stuck right under my knees.

I was a little disappointed and frustrated about it but it’s ok. I know if I had been fresher it would’ve been better.

We then moved on to bench where I focused on my new set up approach. I kept my hips off of the bench until after lift off, then touched my butt to the bench and then lowered the bar. I think it actually worked better than trying the opposite way of reaching up as high as I can after touching the bench. I finished with 6 reps at 60Kg! I’m happy with that!

I capped the night off with 10 chest to bar pull ups as my muscle up practice before heading home.


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