7/4/14 Bear Complex

This has nothing to do with how I stack up against other bears 😉 I don’t have a complex. Instead it is a barbell complex that is called The Bear Complex. It really is a bear, too:

Bear Complex 5 Rnds per 7 Sets of the following complex:

Power Clean
Front Squat
Push Press
Back Squat
Push Press

So in each round we went through this sequence 7 times without putting the bar down. There was no time limit so we could rest when we felt necessary and each round we increased the weight. My last round I finished at 105#! 😀 It was tough but awesome! I ended up turning the sequence into a power clean, thruster, then a back thruster. Using power out of the squat was the best way to get the bar overhead. I also felt it was easier to rest in a hang position than folded over because I could breathe better and rely on my hook grip vs feeling like the bar might slip from my bent over/lap position. It was also tricky once we started really sweating because then it felt like the bar might slip off our backs.

I felt like this was a torturous but fun WOD!


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