7/25/14 & 7/27/14 WODs


Had to hit the Rookie class on Friday because 6pm is now the last class on Fridays and is also Rookies. 

200m Run
10 Deadlifts <– 155# (the regular WOD weight)
10 Push-Ups <– strict

I enjoyed this WOD. I thought it was fun (probably because it had deadlifts in it) but I felt SO slow on the short run! I felt strong for the deadlifts and push ups but not the run. Odd. But I did manage to get 4 rounds

It wasn’t too terribly exhausting but I enjoyed the WOD.


Sunday I went to Cahba’s house to get weighed and measured for his nutrition program and also participated in the WOD. His WOD also had deadlifts! Another fun move for me!!


  • 10 deadlift <– 95#
  • 25 double unders <– Rx

I really liked this WOD minus the fact that I was on a hill. The hill made it so I worked different sides of my back more than the other so I constantly had to rotate which way I was facing so I could work both sides. I got 9 + 12. I was pretty happy about that 🙂

After the WOD I headed out with my friend, Erica, to do some shopping. I’ll be heading off to Germany for about a week soon and I needed some real clothes to wear and not just gym clothes. So this upcoming week will be my last week before I leave for Germany and I’m hoping to get to a couple Germany Crossfit gyms to blog about. 🙂 If not, don’t worry I will be back!



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