8/19/14 WOD

Heavy lifting day!!!! Woop! But it was snatch day and snatch is just not my forte. I feel like I’m decent at it but just not my favorite lift. I’m more of a power clean kinda gal.

But it was good practice for me:


Hang 1,1,1
Power 1,1,1
Squat 1,1,1

First up was the Hang Snatch. I don’t really keep track on my rep max on the hang snatch but I knew it wasn’t too impressive. I ended at 95#. 

Second was the Power Snatch – I’m strongest in this variation than the other 2. I PR’ed at 108#!!!! WOOT! 

Lastly was the dreaded squat snatch. Something I struggle with SO much! I just cannot seem to launch the bar to the sweet spot every time AND land in a squat. 9 times out of 10 I land on my butt. I remember when I could barely do the 22# bar and last night I did mostly hit 75#! So I’m getting better but it’s still nothing I’d show off. Basically it’s ugly but I can do it. 

We didn’t have time to do anything else after that but I did make plans with other friends to do the Bear Complex again on Thursday as the WOD. I also need to practice my ring dips and muscle ups. Good times ahead 🙂

Also just a little bit of news: next Wednesday – Monday I’ll be in Savannah for my brother in law’s wedding. Since I will be in America I plan on going to a Crossfit gym I found about 1mi away from the hotel AND actually attempting to eat healthier. I am finally feeling like I’m back on the healthy eating wagon yet 1 week from now I’m going out of town again. Gah! Instead of letting it derail me, I’m actually going to try during this trip. If anyone has any good tips to avoid drowning myself in alcohol while surrounded by family please let me know in the comments below – booze is my number 1 health sabotage beverage and if I can avoid it I’ll be much better off. HeLp! 


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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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