8/22/14 WOD and 8/23/14 Performance WOD


I thought for sure I’d have to skip Friday’s WOD for the Rookie WOD since 6pm is the earliest I can get to the gym and that’s the new Rookie class time. But my coach let me and a couple other people do the WOD since it didn’t take too much longer to do and was the same movements as the Rookie WOD (mostly)

5 Rounds for time

6 Squat Clean & Jerk (165/ 110#) <– Rx
12 Toes to bar <– Rx

Most people took about 15min to do this WOD so I was thrilled to be done in 14:32! The movements weren’t terribly hard, per say, but it was really hard to breathe during this WOD so you had to take breaks just to breathe. 


The Performance WOD was a lot of mini WODS to me. We started with a 400m run before 7 EMOM: 15 cal row, 15 burpees. I couldn’t get 15 of either in 1 min so I averaged 10-11 reps per movement. Def not great but oh well. 

Then we worked on Chest to bar pull ups and butterfly assisted pull ups. I think I’m going to need a strong band to get the coordination down since I’m pretty slow going through the movement but eventually I should be good to try butterfly pull ups unassisted. 

We moved on to handstand work and I didn’t see much improvement with my handstand walking.

Lastly we did a WOD where I swear Evan decreased our rest time without telling us:

10 Deadlift

10 Push up

5 Front squats

We had to complete this at 95# under 2min at first. Then we needed to repeat our efforts for a second round. I finished in about 1 min. After those 2 rounds Evan told me to cut my pushups down to 5 reps and I finished in about 45sec. and the last brutal round I only got 2 front squats in before 1 min was up. By then I was also pretty dead tired and covered in sweat.


I’m heading down to Savannah this week and already contacted Crossfit Steadfast about visiting. I’m planning on going Thursday morning (6am) and Friday morning (6am) before all of the wedding craziness happens. I will be doing Wednesday’s Powerlifting homework one of those days, too. Probably Thursday. I’m excited to check them out and still get some exercise in while in GA!


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