8/25/14 WOD and Powerlifting


I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do this WOD since I had done a similar one about a month or so ago but as the day went on I decided I needed to go do it:

5 rounds for time

200 m Run
10 Snatches (135/ 95#)
10 Pull-Ups <– Used 2 bands for butterfly practice

I did this all Rx minus the assistance with the butterfly pull ups. After we learned how to do them I really wanted some good practice and felt like 50 would be a lot. Unfortunately I didn’t listen to my coach and tuck in my shirt so now I have some major belly chaffing due to the bands rubbing on me. Lesson learned! I didn’t have a very fast time. I had to do all of my snatches as singles but I did them Rx so I felt pretty awesome about that! I finished in 19min flat. 3 darn seconds slower than a friend I was trying to beat 😉 Granted he was a bit faster on the snatches than I was but still. I like good competition.


More squats! 😀 We tried to go faster with ramping last night to 90% and I did my 4 singles at 100kg. They felt strong, too! And then I finished with bench press at 90% at 63Kg. And we didn’t go any faster, it seems. I don’t know if it’s because we had 4 people all lifting different weights or what but we are always so slow! 😦 Meh. Oh well. 


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