9/2/14 Crossfit Total WOD

Last night we did Crossfit Total which I misread thinking it was back squat, bench, and DL but it was actually 

CrossFit Total

1 rm Back Squat
1 rm Press
1 rm Deadlift

Either way it was a lot of lifting and I was, once again, slow. I barely got to 245# for back squat and it was so ugly! I muscled it completely and rounded my back… oy. UGLY! but I did manage to do it. Then I matched my strict press at 100# before I was a complete idiot for deadlift.

I jumped on to a bar with 2 other guys who were almost done. I did a few warm up lifts and got myself from 135 to 225 to 255 to 275 to 315. This is when I stopped being able to do math. I thought to myself about what to do next. I considered going to 330 or 325 and in my head also thought about how I had done 30# jumps in my powerlifting meets. Somewhere in all that thinking I decided to throw 15# plates onto the bar thinking I could handle the jump and that it was still a weight I had hit before. so I rested for a bit and then went for it and it was SO HARD! The entire time I’m thinking “OMG What is wrong with me?! Why am I struggling SO much at a weight I know I’ve hit before? Clearly I’m getting weaker. Maybe I should stop now and ask Evan for advice” but in the background I could hear Evan and people cheering me on to just finish the lift and so I did. I put the bar down and went to ask Evan for help when he goes “Nice – 345#” 345?!  I was like “what? that’s 345?! Are you telling me I hit a 5# PR?” and that’s exactly what he was telling me! No wonder it felt tough! and now I”m very glad I stuck with it! Just wish I could’ve done the math correctly so I could’ve gone into the lift knowing it was going to be tough. But sometimes ignorance is bliss and it’s great knowing I can def pull 345!! I even had a darn calculator with me to help and clearly I still couldn’t figure it out. 😛 

So my Crossfit Total is 245/100/345 = 690.  One day I’ll learn how to do barbell math correctly…


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