9/3/14 Powerlifting WOD

Yesterday was kind of a disappointment. I meant to go to the 6pm AND 7pm class but there was traffic and I had to go to the car dealership to pick up my car (I got a remote start installed) so I didn’t get to the gym until 6:15pm. By then they had already warmed up and were about to start the WOD so I said forget it and got a drink from Starbucks. 

Powerlifting was a little anticlimactic too. Since we did a lot of squatting yesterday we did the world’s lightest work day. We ramped to 60% of our Squat and bench then did 4 sets of 2 at 70%. For me those numbers were:

Squat: 70Kg/80Kg

Bench: 43Kg/50Kg

Very light and easy. I did try to focus on speed which was good but nothing exhausting. I would’ve stayed for the 8pm class to actually do the WOD but I needed to get home and help with dinner. Oh well. Not a big deal. Today I can do some running at Open Gym if I want. 


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