9/5/14 “DT” MOD and 9/6/14 Performance WOD

Blogging on the weekend is always tough for me 😛 Probably because I’m not on my laptop much. Anyway here’s a recap of Friday’s and Saturday’s workouts.


Friday we had DT with an added run on the WOD Blog but since I was in the Rookie Class we had the same general movements in a different rep scheme for only 10min. 


10 Deadlift (155/100) <– 103#

10 hanging Power Clean (155/100)

10 Jerk (155/100)

I really shouldn’t have used the Rx weight. In regular DT you don’t do 10 of each movement (12 DL, 9 clean, 6 jerk) and doing 10 of each was pretty darn rough! I only got 2 + 26 in the 10 min and my back had started to tighten up by the end, too. Not my finest but oh well. Earlier in the warm up we were reviewing the Push Press/Jerk with PVC pipes and I totally whacked myself in the face/nose and got a nose bleed. Def not the best way to start a WOD lol! Goes to show you, you have to move your face! At least my bar path was good??? And thank goodness it wasn’t a barbell!


The Performance class was land of EMOM. We started with:

10 min EMOM of:

12-20 reps of either burpee, cal row, KBS, wall ball. <– I chose 35# KBS

I did 20 reps the first 2-3 min but was starting to really fatigue so I switched to 12 reps. I think 15 would’ve been the better number to start off on and maintain.

Then we got barbells for the next part:

5min OTT (on the thirty)

2-5 reps of either front squat, snatch, power clean, thruster @ Rx weight (95#) <– I chose power clean and did 3 reps

I was a bit more conservative with this EMOM and did much better. I think I could’ve done 4 reps successfully, too.


5min EMOM

1-2 reps Rx+ of the movement we just completed above. <– I did 135# and 2 reps per minute

Once we finished with the barbell stuff we worked on hanging hip touches and bar pull overs (skin the cat for me) casually before calling it a day.

I was definitely feeling like I was in need of a rest day after that! 


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