9/8/14 “Diane” [Benchmark WOD] and Powerlifting


Last night I finally got to attempt Diane as Rx as I could do. 


Deadlift (225/ 155#) <– Rx
Handstand Push-Ups <– 2 ab mats 1/2 reps kipping 1/2 reps strict push ups

I knew I didn’t have 45 HSPU in any capacity so I decided to scale the reps. Evan told me for however many HSPU I don’t do to fill with strict push ups. I think that was a pretty good scale/mod because I still finished in 7:59. A bit slower than my first couple of attempts but it was the closest I’ve come to Rx’ing the WOD so far!

I didn’t bend my legs for the deadlift so my back got tight in the second round. In order to ensure I was bending my legs I starting doing singles and that required me to reset every time. That helped a lot but I really need to slow down and just do it properly.


After that class I headed back for powerlifting where we did back squat. We were supposed to do bench press also but with 5 people on 1 bar we took the whole hour! UGH! I feel like my squats were pretty good, though. I finished at 105Kg. it felt good doing some actual heavy squatting! Only 2 months until the Powerlifting meet!! 😀


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