9/10/14 “Cindy” on Speed and Powerlifting

Last night I got my butt kicked. As if Cindy weren’t tough enough (20min AMRAP of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats) last night my coach made it very very evil:

10, two minute rounds of:

5 Pull-Up

10 Push-up

15 Squat

5 Pull-Up

10 Push-up

15 Squat

Max Rep Snatch (75/ 52#)

Post total snatch reps to comments

Um. yeah. You read that right. You would need to have at least a 20 round Cindy score just to complete the rounds in 2 min and  you’d need to have more like a 25-30 round Cindy score to successfully get in some snatch and recover each round. I do not have that kind of Cindy score. Shocker, I know. So I modified the rep scheme to be 3 pull ups, 6 push ups, 9 squats. And even with that modification I found myself catching myself on time (aka slowing down and losing time) and needing to skip rounds to rest. I skipped only 2 rounds – so I completed 8 rounds successfully at that rep scheme and I did 38 snatch total. I tried to get 4 snatch per round and at the last min I did as many as I could get since I didn’t have to leave room to rest. So total numbers: 48 Pull ups, 76 Push ups, 144 Squats, and 38 snatch.

I was WHIPPED! It was a sprint for 20 min! I’m a sprinter but not for 20min! LOL! After class we learned a neat kettlebell trick called the Stall and Press but I like Stalin Press much better. You use 1 arm to do a Russian swing, let go and catch the ball, then press overhead. It was really hard for me to let go of the bell. I was terrified I’d drop it or smash a toe or my face somehow. But I managed to be ok and do a few reps.


Today we finally ended on time! Evan was leading the group which helped and he had us ramp quickly! We started with deadlift and ramped to 80% (275#) and did a max rep set. I didn’t do negatives – aka I dropped at the top each rep – and I got 8 reps.

Then we did the same thing basically for bench. I ramped to 57Kg and had to do 2 sets of 6-10 reps. I ended up getting 6 reps then 4 reps. I was just done by then and my legs were tired from the Cindy on Speed WOD and deadlifting.


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