9/15/14 WOD and Powerlifting

The gym schedule has changed again for the fall and will probably remain this way until we transition to the new gym (we are moving locations late November/early December down the road to an even bigger place!). So this means Powerlifting is Monday and Wednesday from 6:30-8pm and classes start on the half hour vs the hour in the evenings. It sort of cramps my style a little since the 6:30pm class is the Rookie class (the class time I would most want to go to) and there is no 7:30pm class, just an 8pm class, but oh well.

Tonight I went to the 5:30pm class before Powerlifting and that wasn’t too hard to get to. The WOD was:

Clean & Jerk
1-1-1 <– PR at 147#!! 

Then For time:
7000 / 5000# – Ground to Overhead

Choose your Load from the following:
7K = 135 x 52 reps / 95 x 74 reps / or 75 x 94 reps
5K = 85 x 59 reps / 65 x 77 reps / 55 x 91 reps <– Did 85# x 59 reps

First was the Clean and Jerk work. I got to 140# and knew I could clean that per Saturday’s class. Nailed it! Went for 147# and got that too! I grabbed 3 more pounds for an even 150# and couldn’t get my brain to mentally wrap itself around squat cleaning it! I had the height and I have cleaned that weight before but I just couldn’t get it last night. I was still happy with a 147# C&J! A PR from the floor for sure!!

Then I decided to do 85# for 59 reps for the 5k ground to overhead WOD. I also decided to alternate between 5 reps of snatch and 5 reps of clean and jerk to complete the volume. It paid off going a little slower because I managed to still kick some tail and finish in 7:45! I had hoped to finish in 6min since I was around the 3 min mark half way but I started to have to break up my sets a little bit.


After the WOD it was back squat and bench time! We split up into smaller groups this time and had 3 bars to work on. I think it worked better because I actually felt like we finished squatting at a decent time. I ramped to 105Kg and it felt kind of easy. Next week I want to do 110Kg.

With bench I wasn’t as organized with rep scheme but I tried to do the same format as I do for squat. I ended up hitting 70Kg for a paused single!!! before calling it a night. It’s been a while since I hit 70Kg so it felt good to know I can still hit that and maybe finally more soon! I want to be able to bench my body weight! (I also want to one day clean my body weight…soon grasshopper, soon)

That was about it for the night. 🙂


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