9/16/14 WOD and New Challenge

Last night’s WOD was deceivingly tough! I thought it would actually be easier than Nancy but it was harder in my opinion.

2 Rounds of:

50 Double Unders
25 Overhead Squats (95/ 65#)
25 Burpee Pull-Ups

At first you got your body all warmed up with the DUs, then you wrecked your shoulders and a little of your legs. Then you wrecked them again with the burpees. The second round was just insult to injury. I wasn’t fast in the slightest. I had hoped to get the OHS done unbroken to cut down on some time but that was not the case! I finished in 16:32. Bleh. But I got in a good workout.

After class I did a few HSPUs just to practice since I feel like I’ve gotten weak at them lately before heading home.

New Challenge

Since Crossfit Diesel is being rebranded and moving late Nov/early Dec a couple guys and I decided to have a nutrition challenge. We are seeing who can lose the most body fat % between today (9/17/14) and when we arrive at the new gym (TBD). I am unable to go to the gym tonight to use the body fat calculator thing so I did it this morning when I went to the Performance Class. Since I’ve gained some weight it was a pretty depressing number. 32.2%. Definitely high. Sigh.

The good news is it means I could win if I get my % back down to 26 or lower. It was further motivation kick in the pants to get me back on track. I can do this and beat the boys!


About zimzimmie1

I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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