9/17/14 Performance Class

I managed to wake myself up at 5am this morning. Bleh. And I got to the gym on time for the Performance WOD. I wasn’t feeling all that awesome or awake but I pushed as hard as I could.

We started off with an EMOM 7 Wall ball at 20′. I used the 14# ball and we were supposed to get about 15 reps every min. I got 15 for the first 2 rounds then I went down to 12 and held that for the rest of the rounds. I got 90 reps total. I hate wall ball.

Then we did the 5 min On the Thirty power clean work at 95#. This time I did 4 reps every 30 seconds and it was a little harder than the 3 and 4 alternating work I had done Saturday but manageable. We progressed to EMOM 5 at 135# and today that felt heavy. Between it being super early and being tired from last night’s WOD I struggled a little more than normal.

Finally we wrapped class up with a mini WOD. 3 rounds of 12 DB Snatch (25#), 12 Pistols, 12 burpees (7min time cap). I barely finished all 3 rounds under 7min. I think I finished around 6:30. Damn burpees.

I am glad I’m done for the day but I would’ve rather just not have done anything at 6am 😉 2 weeks until Superfit so I guess I just need to stop whining and get my butt into gear!


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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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