9/24/14 Powerlifting

Last night I wanted to do the WOD before Powerlifting as usual but after Tuesday’s WOD and my back getting really tight I felt like that would’ve been a bad idea. So instead I did a 1 mile run before Powerlifting and I felt good.


First we squatted. We ramped to our 1 rep max Clean weight (70Kg) and then did 3 sets of max effort or up to 10 reps. This wasn’t too challenging to me but it was a good burn by the 3rd set.


We ramped again but this time to our 1 rep max Snatch weight (47Kg) and then did 2 sets of max effort or up to 15 reps. I got 15 reps the first set and 12 on the second set. My arms were done!


Lastly we ramped to 90% of our 1 rep max and did 1 rep. I was supposed to do 310/311# but once again I can’t do barbell math and I did 315#. Whoops. That, however, should be my opener for the MD State Powerlifting meet which means if I go up in 30# jumps or 15# jumps I will easily hit 350#.

Just like on Monday I made a video of my efforts so if you want to see my working sets (I didn’t video tape my warm up sets) CLICK HERE!


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