10/4/14 Superfit DC Team Competition

Saturday I competed in the Superfit DC competition. I am still limping around today because of it but I had a great time!


All Smiles at the beginning of the day


For the first WOD we had 6min to establish a 3 rep max Thruster. Susan and I had practiced this Wednesday night and decided to aim for 115# (Susan) and 130# (me) as our final lifts and if we had time go higher. We aimed to take our time with the lifts and not rush so we didn’t miss them but once they said GO things were a little different LOL!

We warmed up outside to 95# and then since there weren’t any small plates and we didn’t want to do 115# in warm up we just squat cleaned it and did some front squats to get used to the weight. I also decided to use my powerlifting belt for this WOD and it was probably the best idea I could’ve had.

3- 2- 1- GO and we loaded the bar to 115#. I did my 3 lifts easily. We then dropped the bar to 95# and Susan did her first triplet. Loaded the bar up to 125# and I did my lifts. Bar back down to 105# – Susan hit hers. Got the bar to 130# – nailed it! Bar to 115# – Susan nailed it! We then looked at the clock and we had about 90 seconds left so I went for 135#! First 2 thrusters – Solid! last one got stuck in the press but I stuck with it and GOT THE LIFT! 45 seconds left we loaded the bar to 120# and Susan got it!! We had 15 seconds to spare and we were done! PRs for both of us!! SO happy!! We ended with a total score of 255# and tied for 5th place.

Sarathruster susanthrusterloadingbar


After about 2 hours we got ready for WOD 2: 8min cap for 3 RFT of 15 pull ups, 15 box jumps, 15 T2B, 15 Snatch @ 55#. Our plan was for me to do a bulk of the gymnastics work since Susan has a tear in her shoulder but once we got going she did much more than she told me she would *lol*! We finished in 6:41 which was good enough for 6th place – 3rd overall.

I was SO happy with how that WOD went! It was much faster than I had anticipated and the only thing that got tired was my grip.

Box jump


It was then time for the last WOD – 12 min cap of 200 Wall Ball and Max Rep Row for Calories. The score was however many calories you got after the Wall Ball. I was worried that we’d take 10 min just for the wall ball and we thought we would do sets of 10-12 reps. But once we started we realized 15-20 was actually not difficult! We finished in about 8 min 30sec and were left with about 4min 30 sec to row!

We used our transition strategy of only putting 1 foot in the strap while whoever wasn’t rowing held the other foot down and I think that really saved us some time! We rowed as if our lives depended on it and finished with 93 calories! Good enough for 6th place and kept us in 3rd place over all! We had no idea we would make it to the top five or Final WOD! And at this point we were feeling like Jello. We had a bit of time to rest before they announced the final wod and I tried so hard to recover.


Final WOD

The Final WOD was rough! It didn’t help that Susan and I were both very tired. We had to perform: 60 Deadlift (125#), 30 Goblet Squats (53#), 800m Run with 25# plate, 60 hand release burpees over the bar, 30 Power Cleans (85#). The cap was 15min. Susan and I are NOT runners. Add 25# and it makes us even worse runners! But we tried are hardest! We did finish in the cap, thankfully, in 13:47 but that dropped us down to 5th Place for the day.

After the Final WOD

After the Final WOD

Before the Final WOD

Before the Final WOD

Power Cleans at 85#

Power Cleans at 85#

Attempting to run with 25# plate

Attempting to run with 25# plate

I am THRILLED we made it to the top 5 and I don’t think Susan and I could’ve executed the WODs any better! It was a hugely successful day and I definitely got my money’s worth!


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