10/15/14 Performance WOD and Powerlifting Practice

Yesterday was exhausting! The build up of exhaustion from Monday and Tuesday didn’t help either. But I woke up at 5am and got my tush to Performance class.

We warmed up differently. We did max effort wall ball for 1 min then 1 min of wall ball with resting. I apparently cheated a bit because on the first minute I delayed my connected wall balls with a pause standing but whatever. I did about 20-25 both minutes (if we subtract the ‘cheats’. 35 if we count them all).

Then we got barbells and we loaded up to 95#/42.5Kg for SNATCH on the thirties. Since I am no where near as proficient at Snatch as I am at cleans I did 2 every thirty seconds and it was challenging.

Then we were supposed to do 1 heavy snatch but it needed to be a full squat snatch EMOM 5. Well I can’t do those to save my life yet I can power snatch over 100#… go figure. So I loaded the bar to 47.5Kg/104.5# and did 1 power snatch with an overhead squat added to it. I really hope I can get better at this… ugh.


12 hours later I returned to the gym and since I left a little early because of rain and potential traffic, I had about 30 min before powerlifting started. So what did my genius brain decide to do? HSPU. I did 1-2 every min for about 15min… I did 27 HSPU before Powerlifting. Probably not a wise idea but too late.

We worked up to our 1st and 2nd attempts for squat and then alternated between 1st attempt and 2nd attempt for a total of 3 reps at our 1st attempt and 2 at our second attempt. For me that was 107.5Kg and 112Kg. While I was mentally very tired I was remarkably strong in the lifts.

We did the same thing with bench and my weights for that were 60Kg and 65Kg. I’m still not feeling super confident about hitting 70Kg at the meet but I’m still working on getting stronger!

Lastly we worked on deadlift and this is where things went south for me. We were supposed to do 3 sets of 3 reps at 82%. For me that was around 132Kg/290# and it was HARD! I did the first set and felt like I struggled WAY too much than I should have but thought maybe I just needed my belt. I put it on for the second set, did 1 rep, dropped it and was just done. I had hit my exhaustion level for the day. I was really frustrated that I didn’t finish my deadlifts especially since it’s my favorite of all 3 lifts but I had no energy or excitement and I really didn’t need to push my body that far past its breaking point. So I went home discouraged and took it as a sign I need a rest day or 2. So that’s what I’m going to do.


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