10/18/14 Performance Class

I was finally feeling recovered from the week on Saturday ready to work out! I knew there would be the usual rowing/burpees/wall ball to start off but I didn’t know Evan would switch it up a little.

He had us start on the row and said to aim for 2 calories more than we had previously hit. For me that meant hitting 15 calories EMOM for 5min. It was not easy! I was sucking wind by the end of those 5 min! Thankfully we got to roll out and rest/recover before doing wall ball.

For wall ball we did 2 reps less than usual but added 2 burpees to each round. So for me that was 11 wall ball with 2 burpees.

Then it was barbell work time. We started On the thirties for 7 min of Rx Snatch. I did 2 reps per 30 seconds and I still haven’t mastered touch and go at that weight. Once I get it I think hitting 3 will be easy.

And instead of doing EMOM heavy snatch we ramped up to a heavy squat snatch. I was not optimistic so I started at 65#. Surprisingly I got up to 90#! A PR for me in that movement! Almost Rx!! I think all of that squat clean work has been giving me a lot more confidence in the squat!

That was all we did and it was a good WOD!


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