10/20/14 Powerlifting WOD and Some Cardio

Last night I decided to only go to Powerlifting so I could be fresh and actually put forth some good effort! It worked because I did all of my back squatting beltless even at 98Kg and hit my benching (60Kg) and deadlifting (145Kg) really well.

While we were setting up for the squat the subject of making weight came up. I am currently struggling and so is the other girl competing in 1 1/2 weeks but she has much less than I do to lose. I told my coach I was doing everything right but the damn scale just wasn’t budging and I was coming to terms with competing in a higher weight class. Well I guess he wasn’t ready for me to concede and told me to get on the rower immediately after I finished my deadlifts. For 30min! I have never rowed for that long! It wasn’t too bad but it was a little boring since class wasn’t going on and I didn’t have anybody to watch and hardly any music to listen to. But I finished the 30 min and completed 380 calories! My homework for the next week and a half is to row every day up to 500 calories. Seriously. The rowing alone should have me lose approximately 1.43# in the next 10 days – coupled with the regular WODs and WeightWatchers that should get me down to my weight class. All else fails I can try spitting 16oz the day of the meet/night before, soaking in epsom salts, or just plain praying. Since my weight will be so close I think it goes without saying I will be weighing in naked this time. Not exactly what I wanted to do but you gotta do what you gotta do. I mean, last meet I peed in front of a stranger – this can’t be as awkward as that, right?

Already this morning the scale has finally budged! And that makes me SO HAPPY! It had been stuck on a number all week and finally it was down 2#! If I can keep the downward trend going with the rowing then I actually stand a chance at making weight! Pray for me!!


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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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