11/1/14 Maryland State Powerlifting Meet

Saturday was the 2014 Maryland State Powerlifting Meet!!! I am happy to announce I managed to make weight! I was even under a couple of pounds! Hardest part of the meet was done by 7:40am!


I started off thinking I was going to nail my 1st and 2nd attempts and then have to really struggle to get my 3rd lift. But I was a hott mess and not focused at all. For my first attempt (107.5Kg) I didn’t hold onto the barbell or stay tight the entire squat and almost lost the barbell over my head on my first lift! I got to the bottom of the squat and was so proud I made depth that I forgot to stay tight and suddenly the barbell was rolling up my neck! And it was heavy! And I started to fear I was going to fall forward! Then I suddenly managed to lift my head to stop the rolling and stand up while cat-backed completing the lift. Thankfully I am not judged on form and managed to get the lift.

My 2nd attempt (112Kg) was better but I still leaned forward and wasn’t holding the bar tightly and felt it roll up a bit again. But, again, I got the lift.

3rd attempt (115Kg – Meet PR!) I finally got serious and held the bar the entire time. I even placed it a little lower on my back and finally had a sturdy lift! Oy. At least that was over with!!


I didn’t feel super confident about bench after all of those terrible squats but I knew I could hit my first (60Kg) and second (65Kg) attempts. But I still feel very inconsistent with my final attempt and hitting 70Kg.

My first attempt I was so fast the barbell bounced off of my chest! I then tried very hard to stop it and finish listening to the commands, etc, but I wasn’t sure if I would get white lights for the lift. The judges were super kind to me and gave me the lift.

I hit the 2nd attempt well, too. And it was more controlled. But I was not feeling confident about hitting 70Kg so we changed my attempt to be 67.5Kg.

I figured the increase in weight would be minor and I’d hit the lift since I’ve hit the weight before but I stalled out. I was just stuck! I have no clue what happened. Sigh. Oh well.


Finally it was deadlift time! My favorite time of day!

1st attempt (140Kg) – Solid!

2nd attempt (150Kg) – Solid!

3rd attempt (160Kg) – Slow but steady and I NAILED IT!!! PR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only did I hit a PR but I am now a Maryland State Record holder!! I also moved up from 3rd place to 2nd place in my weight class! BOOYA!!! This was probably the best possible way to end 2014! I hit my goal of deadlifting 350# and it felt absolutely amazing!

You can WATCH all of the footage HERE 🙂 Next goal: 375#!


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