11/5/14 “Tip Toe” and Powerlifting

I am finally feeling a bit less sore but I am still trying to take it easy/protect my back from getting more sore. I didn’t manage to wake up at 5am so I decided to do the WOD before Powerlifting. I’m not sure how good of a decision it was but I really enjoyed the WOD!


4×4 <– 285#


” Tip Toe”

In teams of 2

200 Double Unders

30 Front Squats (165/115) <– Rx

30 Ring Dips <– Red band

200 Double Unders

20 Front Squats(185/125) <– Rx

20 Ring Dips

200 Double Unders

10Front Squats (135) <– Rx

10 Ring Dips

I wasn’t exactly in the mood to do heavy Deadlifts but I busted out 4 @ 285# and it felt pretty good. The last time I remember doing a 5 rep max I got 230# so I’ve definitely improved since then! Granted it was over a year ago but still 😛

After that we partnered up for the WOD. Ruth was my partner and since she said she couldn’t do many of the front squats at Rx weight she would pick up more of the DUs and dips. I was definitely ok with this plan! We started going and killed the DUs! She did the biggest set I’ve ever seen 😛 During the 115# round I got the idea to pass the barbell to each other since it was a weight Ruth struggled with to clean and I didn’t feel like cleaning the bar multiple times, either. We shared that round almost 50-50 before starting Round 2.

This time Ruth could only do like 2-4 reps. 125# was feeling pretty challenging but we managed to get through them.

Ruth admitted she couldn’t do ANY squats at 135# so I told her that was ok but I would need her to hold the barbell for me when I rested so I didn’t have to clean 135# multiple times. That worked SO well! It made me get back on the bar faster because I didn’t want to torture Ruth and it allowed me to rest without cleaning the weight like 5 times. We finished in 16:09 and the only MOD we had were the dips! That’s pretty darn awesome in my eyes!


First I want to announce that I am an Official Maryland State Record Holder!!!


Not sure if you can see/read that so if you want to check out the website CLICK HERE. You can also find the results from the Powerlifting meet on that website, too.

BOOYA!!!! I am SO happy! 😀 I can’t believe I actually made it onto the website!

My next goal is to hit 375# and my life long deadlift goal is 400# (2 1/2 times body weight)! Until then my goal is to continue to get back to my goal weight since the weight classes will be changing in 2015 and I’ll need to compete at 158#.

In Powerlifting class, however, we’ve been working on speed and squatting quickly. Same with bench but with an extra long pause for the 1st rep. We’ve also been using the safety squat bar to help improve our squat form. Last night I did sets of 2-4 fast reps at 55Kg for squat and sets of 4 with a 3 second pause bench at 90#.


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