11/13/14 WOD of Crap

Last night was a unique night. We had 2 new coaches who will be coaching after we relocate to the new gym coach/visit.  We met Coach Anthony and Coach Jay (Jay will not be coaching but he will be managing part of the gym) and they led class. So I started off feeling nervous and wanting to make a good impression…until we started the workout:


14 min. EMOM

a) 3 M/U, 8 Pistols <– 3 strict Pull ups, 8 sorta pistols (the closest I’ve ever gotten to one)

b) 8 Butterfly Pull Ups, 3 Wall Climbs <– kipping AND 3 BUTTERFLIES!!!!


4 Rounds For Time

4 Squat Cleans (135/ 95#) <– Deadlift at 225#

8 Burpee Box Jumps (24/ 20#)

16 Kettlebell Swings (53/ 35#)

First off, WTF with this WOD?! It is INSANE! The “warm up” is worse than the WOD! And because I have a huge bruise on my collar bone new Anthony decided deadlift would be a good substitute (I thought he’d say snatch… but no). UGH it was terrible!

So in the PreWOd, though I had some PRs! 1. I actually did some pistols closer than I’ve ever been to doing pistols before! 2. I attempted butterfly pull ups and got 2 sets of 3!!!! WTF! Where did they come from?! I dunno. But I’m super happy about them!

Then I felt like a freakin’ mess. I had to get the barbell loaded for deadlift and at first Coach Anthony said to do 75% of my 1RM… that’s 265#. It was terrible! So then in the second round I took it down to 225#. Then in the 3rd round I ripped and was bleeding all over the place! It was so frustrating! But I did finish in 12:07. Just so lame. I felt like I made the worst impression ever. And I could just tell things were awkward in the gym. The vibe was weird.

I’m starting to be less excited about the move knowing I’m going to only be coached by 2-3 people and never have variety in coaches. And I still am not sure how I feel about Anthony. I think he should be visiting/coaching more before we move so we can get to know him better but whatever.  I guess we will all try getting to know him better in December/January.


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