11/17/14 WOD and Powerlifting

What a tough night! OMG! I am pretty sure my coach is trying to kill me and tonight was just 1 example of it! I decided to do the regular WOD before Powerlifting and it wasn’t any easier/better!

Front Squat
4×4 – ¼ Speed (3 counts down, hold 1 count, and up ~1 count) <–60Kg

15 min AMRAP

10 Push Press (95/65)
10 OHS (95/65)
10 Burpees

In the middle of the WOD my wrists started to REALLY ache so I ended up spending way too much time fiddling with my wrist wraps. I did manage to finish with 2 reps shy of 5 rounds, 4 +28. SO CLOSE to 5 rounds! And I was NOT moving quickly at all! OHS and burpees are my SLOW gear.


After the WOD I really had 0 desire to back squat or lift heavy but I pushed myself. It was one of our tougher classes, too:

Back Squat:

Ramp to 70% (2×6), 75% (2×4), 80% (2×4)

I got to 90Kg and it was HARD! I realized afterwards when I get to 90Kg usually I’m only doing 2 reps not 4 so it was good that I was able to push out 4 reps but definitely not what I would consider easy!

Bench Press:

Ramp to 70% (2×9), 75% (2×6), 80% (2×3)

Definitely couldn’t hang for this. I couldn’t even complete the sets of 9 but I did go to failure with each set ending at 55Kg for 1 rep on my last set.



Do sets unbroken and increase load with each set.

This was challenging! We started at 60Kg and finished at 120Kg and I had to get my Powerlifting belt out for the last 3 reps! Without it, I couldn’t pick the bar up!

Needless to say I am sore today. I even dreamed about back squatting last night! ACK! But it was nice to have actually completed the full Powerlifting WOD since I’ve been lackluster about it since the Powerlifting meet.


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