12/1/14 WOD and Powerlifting

Back in the gym!!! YAY!!! I didn’t intend to take 3 days off from the gym but it just ended up happening. Friday the hours were weird so I couldn’t make it due to evening plans and then those plans made me exhausted and not want to show up Saturday morning. Sunday we drove home so I didn’t do anything but sit/drive and walk the dogs around gas stations. So by yesterday I was aching to go work out but also dreading how much it would hurt.


Front Squat

5-5-3-3-1-1-1 <– 85Kg PR!!



Thrusters (95/65)
Toes to Bar
Hand Release Push Ups

I was pretty amazed that I got an 85Kg front squat! I didn’t try 90Kg just because I knew we had a lot more work in the WOD and Powerlifting later but that is a huge PR since the last time I tried any sort of front squatting!

The WOD was tough on my triceps but not too terrible in general like I thought it would be. I finished in 9:32. I had hoped to finish around 9min flat but those push ups got me pretty good by the 2nd round.


We started with Back Squat and ramped up to 3 singles at 90% (104Kg). Then we did 2 reps OTM for 10min at 80% (90Kg). That was ROUGH but I’m glad I managed to push through it!

Next up was Strict Press and I was on Day 1 of the cycle at 70# (1 S&P + 2).

Lastly we did deadlift. We ramped to 85% and did 1 rep OTM for 5 min. My weight was 135Kg but it just felt SO heavy after all of that preceding work so I did 130Kg instead.

Needless to say these 2 WODs were the perfect Welcome Home present I could ever imagine 😛 Only 3 weeks until we head back to GA for Christmas so I have to get the most of our time at home that I can!


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