12/10/14 “Monster Mash” and Powerlifting

Dead. That is the only way I can express how I felt after Wednesday’s WODs. I went into the gym thinking the WOD wasn’t going to be so bad. Then the coach explained how the WOD was actually supposed to be executed and it was 3 times harder than I thought!

4 x 6 Pendlay Rows <– 85#
4 x 20 Second Dip Holds


“Monster Mash”

30 Min Running Clock – Teams of 2 working simultaneously, alternate couplet exercises, for time


3 Rounds

30 Wall Balls (20/14)

20 KB Snatches (35 / 26# )


3 Rounds

250 M Row

10 Burpee Tuck Jumps (jump & tag knees to hands)


3 Rounds

200 M Indoor Run

25 KBS (70/ 53#)

SO in case you’re like me and think ‘No big deal – 10 min to do 3 rounds with a partner? Easy peasy!’ you’re wrong. You EACH had to do 3 rounds, could work simultaneously, and couldn’t swap exercises until your partner had completed their part of the couplet. Yeah. So 90 wall ball and 60 KB snatch for the first WOD for me ALONE! My partner and I finished WOD 1 in 7:24, WOD 2 in 7:25, and we were only 5 reps away from finishing WOD 3 in the 10min cap. The heavy KB swings were NO JOKE and I actually ripped my hand with 5 reps left of my last round 😦


I immediately jumped into Powerlifting and failed on my 95% back squat and struggled on the OTM 80% squats.

I skipped the Strict press work to breathe and rest.

But I did get back in on it for Deadlift at 100Kg and double unders (40) EMOM 7.


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