12/17/14 Performance WOD and Powerlifting

Yesterday was probably the last 6am Peformance WOD I’ll probably do in 2014. While I’m happy to sleep in I will miss the 6am classes a little bit. (Don’t worry, there will still be Performance WODs – just at night at the new facility)

It was just me, Susan, and Gaby who made it yesterday and we started with wall ball and DUs. We did 1 min of unbroken wall ball (21 reps). Then rested 1 min. Then we did the same number of wall ball (21), double the amount of double unders (42), then back to the wall ball (21) for time. I finished in 3:06.

After that we did EMOM 5 Snatch. I started with 3 heavy KBs with 3 touch and go snatch but I could not sustain that. I ended up doing 2 and 2.

We finished with squat snatch and I worked with SUPER light weight – like I’m talking 25Kg. But that’s what you do when you are completely changing up your technique – gotta start from the bottom. My coach said my form is improving so I just hope it continues!


We did mostly the same work as Monday:

Back squat – ramp to 100% (115kg) then OTM 10 x 2 @ 80% (95kg)

Strict Press – 80# Snap and Press + 2 reps

Deadlift – 3 x 2 @ 75% (120Kg) and 3 x 1 @ 80% (128Kg)

I am really thrilled to have hit 115Kg twice in 1 week and it wasn’t a HUGE struggle, either. It’s actually starting to feel pretty solid! 😀


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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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