12/19/14-12/27/14 WODs and Crossfit Adrenaline

Ok so clearly I’ve been away 😛 I went out of town for Christmas and completely abandoned my laptop. It was kind of refreshing not to turn it on but at the same time now I’m playing catch up on a few things – like this blog. I’m going to keep my recaps fairly short for sake of this post but I do want to talk about my visit to Crossfit Adrenaline a little bit, too.


Overhead squats:
Tempo Squats – 3 count neg, 2 count hold, 1 count drive up, repeat
6×3 –> 115#

Alternating couplet: (decrescendo & crescendo)

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Power Snatch (115/75#)
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
Toes To Bar

Finished in 12:43


Conditioning “The Good Life” 3 RFT: 500m Row 12 Burpees 21 Box Jumps, 24/20  ~13min

Snatch EMOMx7: 1 Rep at 90%  –> 95#

Squat 3×5 Back Squat –> 70% (175#?)



Fran THEN 10 rounds of Cindy THEN Helen –> Ring rows after Fran and finished in ~38min

Did not WOD again until Saturday


Partner WOD:

1000m row (switch after every 250m)

150 KBS & 75 burpees

800m Run (switch every 200m)

100 wall ball & 75 box jump

1000m row (switch after every 250m)

My partner and I finished around 35min or so.

OK so that about sums up my week in GA for Christmas and the very last workout at Crossfit Diesel. As of Jan 1 we will be open at Top Tier Columbia and I am SO excited! I am going to try and take a few photos and do a big recap on their opening.

So my review of Crossfit Adrenaline is as follows:

The facility is hard to find! To the extent that the first time I tried to find the place I couldn’t for over 30 min. This year I had my mother in law drive me there just so I would be able to find the place. Once you find it, the facility is kind of like a giant trailer IMO. It’s not insulated well and is kind of small. I know that is kind of typical of Crossfit gyms in general so I don’t hold too much against it.

The people were very friendly! I think at least 2-3 people at any given time would introduce themselves to me and ask who I was – recognizing I was a new face. I felt very welcomed!

The Programming was ok. It wasn’t amazing nor was it bad. I know I went during a week when a lot of people were gone so perhaps that had something to do with it but it wasn’t the greatest programming I’ve seen. I found a few athletes who could push me but it was definitely in the minority which I thought was kind of odd coming from a 3 year Games Team Gym. I never met any of the teammates, either, which was slightly disappointing, too.

Overall while I liked the gym, I didn’t love it. When I inquired to classes offered there was only the WOD. No special stuff like Oly or Power lifting. No competition classes. Just the WOD. And while that is OK I’m kind of spoiled right now and I’m not sure I could go full time to a gym that can’t help me with my powerlifting AND crossfit goals.

For a drop-in gym Adrenaline is great! As a new home gym? Probably not for me.


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