1/1/15 Planet Fitness WOD

Well the gym isn’t open yet. It was supposed to be but there have been delays. UGH! So I needed to work out. I was getting pretty desperate about getting in activity and I decided to try and use Nick’s Planet Fitness Card. He has the most expensive membership and has only used it like 3 times. It technically allows for him to bring a guest so I decided to take it in and see if they’d give me a hard time about using it without him. Thankfully no one questioned me so I did my Powerlifting homework as best as I could with Planet Fitness equipment.


ramped to 75% and did OTM 10 of 2 reps per min. (205# on the Smith Machine)

Strict Press

used the pre-made barbells to do some strict press but could only do up to 60# since that’s as high as their barbells go.


Ramped to 75% and did OTM 10
A) 3 deadlift (265#)

B) 7 bar facing burpees

Doing deadlifts on the Smith Machine was terrible! It was practically up to my knees so I couldn’t get a good position on it and I couldn’t pull it into my body correctly either. It’s also against the rules to use chalk or drop the weights so I was struggling pretty bad. But I did it and it was a good workout.

It felt SO good to move around! Not working out for almost a week was making me so cranky and honestly feel sick. I’m pretty sore because the Smith Machine completely messes with my form so different muscles end up getting hit and destroyed but I am happy I got to get out and move around.

Last night I also got to go check out the new gym and its progress! There is SO much left to do! It’s going to be about 4 months (IMO) for them to be 100% finished with everything, but the flooring is mostly in, there are walls lol, and there is enough equipment to coach an army of athletes. We’re having an Open House on Saturday but still no word on when we can get in and start using the new equipment 😦 I really hope it’s soon!


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