1/6/15 WOD

Last night was lack luster IMO. Maybe I missed the point of the workout or maybe I didn’t MOD well but I just wasn’t thrilled with how I felt afterwards.

Strict Press

5 x 5 – Not sure if I did 5 sets but I did ramp up to 85#. I got through 5 reps at 75# but only could get 2 reps at 85#.



A) 3 strict HSPU <– kipping 1 ab mat 

and 3 Toes to Rings

B) 3 Squat Snatch (105#) <– only did 65# to work on form

So I can’t do strict HSPU so I did my kipping ones. I tried to do them without an abmat but it didn’t go well. I know I can do them but I haven’t worked on them for a while so I just did with 1 abmat. With the snatch part I know I can’t squat snatch 105# but again I felt rushed to ramp my weight and just wasn’t sure what I should be doing so I knew I could do 65# so I just did that and stuck to it.


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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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