1/9/15 Partner WOD

Another day gettin’ some gainz!

Started with some sled pushes and stretching in our warm up which was fun and then did some Front Rack Reverse Lunges 4 x 8

I got up to 125#  and no joke my butt is SO SORE from it! I guess that’s a good thing.

Then we did: “I go, You go”


Hanging Power Cleans 95#

Jumping lunges (2 count)


Medball sit ups 14#

So you do all of the volume of each exercise before moving on to the next and you do Partner 1 5 reps, then Partner 2 5 reps, then each does 10, 15, 10, 5 before doing the next movement. I worked with Gaby who is a beast and we finished in 18:48. I think we could’ve finished sooner had I not struggled so much with the STOH part. It got me good! ugh. I stalled out on the 15 round pretty hard. Oh well. It was a good workout



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