1/27/15 WOD and Barbell Club

Last night I got quite the workout! It was the first time since we moved to the new location that I’ve done back to back WODs. It sucked that it was such a late night ( I didn’t get out of the gym until 9:20pm!) but I was finally feeling like the gym was home again.


Strength – establish a 1 RM Snatch

WOD – 30 sec on 30 sec off for 21 min

Shuttle Runs

Thrusters 85#


I focused primarily on the squat snatch until I couldn’t squat snatch any more (aka I was getting 0 depth in the catch) and then I worked on power snatching then playing with over head squats and getting as stable as possible in the bottom of the squat with weight overhead.  I got to 95#.

In the WOD I had a pretty good routine: 2 shuttle runs, 4-5 Thrusters, and 8 burpees. I got 96 total reps.

After that fun it was Barbell Club time where we worked on Clean and Jerks. We started with 2 hang power cleans, 2 front squats, 1 jerk. As we progressed with weight the ratio was just 1 of each up to 55Kg. Then we did 1 squat clean, 1 front squat, 1 jerk. My calves started cramping up and I was just super fatigued but with help from the Oly coach I worked at lower weight for the majority of the complex and focused on the details. I think I ended around 45Kg.

Needless to say I am dead. I was sore leaving the gym so you can only imagine the pain I’m experiencing today. But I’m ok with it because I feel like an athlete again! I had a blast!


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