1/28/15 WOD

You know when you have those gut feelings on when you should attack a WOD a certain way yet you still ask the coach what plan of attack you should have and it completely counteracts your gut feeling and you listen and wish you had just stuck to your original plan? Yeah. That happened last night. Sigh.

I am still trying hard to figure out this new programming going on at the gym. And still flopping.

We started off with some bent over rows and DUs


5 bent over rows 105#

50 DUs

Then we did the WOD:


10 Cleans (ascending ladder: 95#, 115#, 135#, 155#, 185#) <– 95/115/135/145

10 Slam balls 20#

So you would do 10 Cleans at 1 weight, 10 slam balls, then add weight to the bar and do 10 more until the 12 min was up. There was no way I was getting 155# since that’s my 1RM and I knew 135 and up was going to be a challenge. So I asked the coach when i should transition to squat cleans since I struggle transitioning between power and squat. MY PLAN was to do 95# Power, half of 115 Power and then the rest squat there on out. HIS PLAN – Do all Power until I fail.

I listened to the coach. And I am kicking myself for it because I only got up to 145# and 4 UGLY reps trying to Power clean them. I would’ve rather had more reps that looked better squatting them. 😦 Oh well. live and Learn.

NEXT TIME I am going to trust my gut and squat clean so I can get 145/155# confidently!



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