2/3/15 WOD, Barbell Club, and that day I whacked myself in the head with the bar

Yeah. You read the title right. Last night was not my best.

Started off with aiming for a 1RM clean and didn’t even hit my old PR. I did hit 140# and it looked prettier than it has in the past, which is good, but it made me sad I didn’t hit 155#.

The WOD ended up being pretty tough in the end:

15 box jumps 24/20
15 clean and jerks 75/55
12 ball slams 50/30
12 clean and jerks 95/65
9 ghd sit ups
9 clean and jerks 135/95
6 sled pushes one way
6 clean and jerks 155/115
3 muscle ups <– did C2B with elbow sneaks over the bar
3 clean and jerks 185/135

I was kind of slow even from the start but I plugged away at all of the exercises. It was only the last 3 reps that were really tough for me. I made 4-5 attempts and had to rest to get 3 solid lifts. I finished in 15:59.

After that we had Barbell Club with the Oly Coach, Anthony. He had us working on Snatch. It was in that workout that I went for a snatch and completely rammed the 65# barbell into my forehead. So hard that I have a goose egg on my forehead and it hurts. I almost cried in the gym but held it together and worked more on my snatch. By the end of the night I was finally hitting full depth at 45Kg. 🙂 Progress!! All in all it was a good night but I can’t say I enjoyed the forehead smack. Guess that’ll teach me 😛


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