2/4/15 & 2/5/15 Ignite “Ghost” and 13.2 Open WOD

2/4/15 Ghost

Wednesday I decided I needed more cardio and less barbell in my life *lol* I was still a little barbell shy after Tuesday’s face to bar encounter so I was happy when the WOD was barbell free! We did start with some deadlifts but that doesn’t go anywhere near my face!

245 x 5 reps

Then we did Ghost:

6 rounds of 1 min each of:

Rowing for Calories


Double Unders


I accumulated 492 reps total! I got anywhere from 75-93 reps per round and I focused on staying around 800 cal/hr on the rower, 9-10 burpees per round, and then as many DUs as possible.

2/5/15 13.2 Open WOD

First we worked on strict pull ups. They were supposed to be weighted but I can’t even do 5 at body weight so I did 5 x 3 @ bodyweight. Sometimes I got 3, other times 2. Whatever.

Then we did 13.2:


5 Shoulder to overhead 75#

10 Deadlift 75#

15 Box jump 20″

When I did this 2 years ago for the Open I got about 8  1/2 rounds. I didn’t have nearly that much energy or adrenaline last night and I was a little tired from the rest of the week so I chalked it up to Active Recovery and got 6 + 10. Nothing impressive by any means but oh well. I thought for sure the weight was 55# but I guess I remember the WOD wrong.


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