2/7/15 & 2/9/15 “Mary + DT” and WOD

I’ve been terrible at updating this blog lately. It’s annoying to me as much as it might be to the 5 people who read this too 😛 I’ve been very distracted because we are in the process of moving and so my brain is running in a million directions. So bear with me as we move 🙂 One day this year we will finally be settled again in a new home and with a new gym.

2/7/15 Mary Meets DT

Saturdays are Hero WOD days at Top Tier. This weekend’s Hero WOD was a combo:

ECC Individual Event 1
“Mary meets DT”
3 Rounds of:
1 round of Mary
1 round of DT
Mary: 5 strict hspu 10 pistols 15 pullups <– 5 Kipping HSPU, 6 pistols, 7 Pull ups
DT: 12 deadlifts 9 hang cleans 6 jerks <– 85# 

I felt like such a weakling. Last weekend I went TOO heavy and then this weekend I feel like I went too light. UGH! Hopefully this weekend I can find that happy medium. I finished this in a record time of 12:54. Oh well. Next time I’ll challenge myself more.

2/9/15 WOD

We started the day off with back squat. I was feeling rested and strong and ready to hit a new PR! But that didn’t happen. I hit 110Kg and it went up really well! Loaded the bar to 115 – stuck. Rested, tried again, missed again. UGH! SO FRUSTRATING! I can’t even hit old PRs anymore!!! What is happening to me? I was on the verge of tears I was so frustrated but I had to remind myself I’m not training Powerlifting like at all anymore, I’m super distracted by the move, and we haven’t really been training in general consistently since the holidays began. I need to be kinder to myself but I can’t help but be a little pissed that I didn’t at least hit 115Kg. Sigh. The only consolation was I was able to finally do a WOD Rx’ed:

21 deadlifts 115/85
21 toes to bar (sub situps)
21 box jumps
15 cleans 115/85
15 toes to bar
15 box jumps
9 snatches 115/85
9 toes to bar
9 box jumps

I finished this WOD in 9:14. It felt nice to finally be able to do a WOD Rx but I feel like the weight should’ve at least been 135/95. I don’t know what’s going on with programming right now but it needs to get itself ironed out ASAP! The Open is like 2 weeks away and I don’t feel prepared AT ALL! Not like I stand a chance at going to Regionals but I’d like to do my best! Sigh. I’m just frustrated all around. I know I need to just relax and stop being so hard on myself but I just felt like an athlete at Diesel and now I feel like a client/customer at Top Tier. I guess it’s a good thing I’m moving soon.


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