Deadlift, Back Squat, HSPU PRs and 7/13/15 & 7/14/15 WODs

So about 2 weeks ago we retested our lifts.  I missed out on a few of the testing but I did get to test a few lifts I’ve been itching to test:

Back Squat – New PR of 270#!!!

Deadlift – New PR 355#!! (I could’ve probably gotten 365# but I didn’t ramp up right so oh well)

HSPU – At the beginning of this cycle we had to do 30 HSPU for time but I could only get 13 in 5min. By the end of the cycle I was able to do all 30 and it took me 6:32 !!



Snatch – 3 x 3 at 65# (with more reps before that)

Back squat – 70% x 3, 80% x 3, 90% AMRAP – I could only get 1 rep (and I don’t even think it was to depth) at 90%!



10 FR walking lunges <– 55#


10 Pull ups <– 3s and 2s

I got 5+5 rounds



2 hang clean + 1 jerk – worked to 115#


EMOM 5 of 4 HSPU



15 DL <– 135#

10 Dips <– blue band skinny

20 box jumps

Time: 11:48


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