Health Challenge

Yup – it’s about that time on the blog when I challenge myself to a Health challenge.  It’s been way too long with half assed efforts since moving to GA and I’m sick of not losing the weight I gained.

My coach talked to me about Eat to Perform and as you know I still am a Weight Watcher Member. After researching ETP and considering my options I decided to do a hybrid challenge of combining what I know to work with WW and ETP. ETP is essentially more Paleo-ish foods but with added carbs in the form of whole grains and more caloric intake than what WW would suggest. It’s about losing fat over a longer period of time (3-6mo) than dropping weight quickly.

After having a 2-3 hour talk about life/my issues with life with my friend yesterday I feel like I got a good plan of attack to handle my health and fitness goals.

  1. My main issue is not having healthy foods in my house that are ready or easily prepared. AKA I’ve been LAZY! So she helped me make a meal plan and pick a day to precook some food that I can use for multiple meals. (i.e. crockpot chicken with different spices/flavors to eat on its own or in salads, cooking a bunch of sweet potatoes at once and reheating, making egg cups for breakfast) If I have the food already made and available to me, I will eat it. If I don’t – I will run to pizza, icecream, and lots of pasta. Lots.
  2. Consistency. I seem to be able to keep motivation high for 1 week. That’s it. I know results don’t happen in a week but I lose all motivation once Sunday comes around and I’m tired or go out and pig out on a meal/event.
  3. Accountability. This goes a little hand in hand with consistency. If I have an Accountabil-a-buddy I tend to work harder knowing someone out there also wants me to succeed and cares to actually hear I am cooking/meal planning and prepping for more than 1 week.
  4. I really do want results! I want to feel confident in my own skin and proud to be in public. Right now that is not really happening.

So I want to challenge myself for 3 months to Meal Prep each week with healthy foods/staples and sprinkle in a few treats (vs the opposite way). It’s August 18th so I want this challenge to go until November 18th. Right before Thanksgiving.

I am going to hire my friend (maybe more than 1) to have at least 1 weekly Health Challenge check in that is not a WW meeting (those will still happen but will be separate since it’s not really a place I can talk about Crossfit and eating specific foods).  We will discuss if I have meal planned/prepped for the week and what.

Tomorrow I go to WW and that will be my official starting weight. I should probably take a “before” photo but I kind of hate those – so it won’t happen 😛

Here goes nothing!


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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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