So I was supposed to coach on Wednesday – rather shadow/assist but when I read the WOD and exclaimed how awesome it was, my coach said I should just do it. Not sure if he knew how much pain I’d be in at the end or not but it was epic!

Partner WOD


200m run (as a team)

40 Cleans (full) (only 1 person work at a time)

each round add weight – 85/95/105/135

My partner was a guy so we had 2 barbells to work from. We traded off doing sets of 5 for Rounds 1 and 2. Then it started pouring with rain and we got the rowers out. (we did 250m for rowing) Round 3 I could not do 5s anymore. SO I switched to 3s. My partner couldn’t do 3s consistently so I just picked up the slack whenever I could.

We made it back to the rower, finished the last row and then time was pretty much up. DEAD. I was DEAD! Yet it was so awesome lol!

After that we did some deadlift work but my body was pretty much shot. šŸ˜›


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