Happy new year 2016!

Again. We meet again. I haven’t been utilizing this blog nearly as much as I want. But with a new year and new resolutions, I want to blog more here because 1. I have a home gym and I’d like to document my wods. And 2. I’m back on the weight watchers kick and want a place to share my progress with that. 

So yeah I got myself a great home gym! I don’t have ever piece of Crossfit equipment imaginable but I have most everything I need: barbell, plates, squat rack, pull up bar, kettle bells, ab mat, slam ball, and my other stuff like jump rope. I also used my meter ruler and measured out the 200m run turn around and 400m run turn around. One day I’d like a rower but those are so expensive I’m not sure I’ll ever get one. 

Anyway with that being said I did 2 SUTZ gym wods:


30 thrusters (65#)

90 double unders

20 thrusters

60 dus

10 thrusters

30 dus

Time: 14:34



30 burpees

20 deadlift (85#)

10 squat cleans

1 round + 51 reps

In terms of weight watchers I have purchased a monthly pass again. I’m trying to lose 10# on WW and get a refund for doing so and the beyond the scale program has been pretty interesting so far. I’m also signed up to do a nutrition challenge with my gym which is a little stricter than ww but will help keep me accountable for 6 weeks and hopefully get me those 10# too. 

This year I’m making my health a priority. I’ve been living in Georgia now for over 7 months. It’s time to get back to feeling good in my own skin and the new year is a great starting point. 

2016 goals:

1. Get back to goal weight. 

2. Find positive things in my days every day. 

3. Keep the house cleaner/more organized. 
I have more details on how I plan to accomplish each of these goals.

1a. With weight watchers, the gyms challenge, and meal planning. 

2a. Write 3 things every day that were positive or accomplishments. 

3a. I set up a cleaning schedule and wrote it on my calendar to follow for the whole year. 

Here we go 2016! I know I can do this! My goals are totally obtainable. 


About zimzimmie1

I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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