Week 1 Nutrition Challenge

It’s been 7 days of the challenge! (well after today but you know what I mean) And I survived!!!

It’s been an interesting week. In this week I’ve gotten dunked under water to calculate my body composition and given macros for Protein, Fat, and Carbs to hit when it’s a crossfit day and when it’s a rest day. At first I was really worried I wouldn’t be able to track with Weight Watchers while tracking Macros but it’s turned out I can! And it’s awesome! I feel like I’m on track for weight loss while also eating properly to fuel my body for workouts, etc. πŸ™‚ A first!

I’ve been supplementing my workouts with rowing like I did when I was cutting weight for Powerlifting. But this time instead of rowing 500 cal I am only doing 250 cal since I need to do this over 6 weeks and not 2. And I’m only rowing on days that are light or I’m coaching.

I noticed I’ve already started to lose some weight and I’m starting to feel stronger in my workouts. Last night was the best workout I’ve had in MONTHS! I PR’ed on my split jerk by 10#! And I managed to bust through burpees, rowing, TTB, and DUs like I haven’t done in a long time.

I think not putting any junk into my body has made a huge difference and eating less/losing weight also helps me feel lighter.

Things I’ve been doing to help me not get completely bored are:

I busted out my 1 Paleo cookbook, Well Fed, and I’ve been making recipes I picked out at the beginning of the challenge to try. So far every single recipe I’ve tried has been amazing! And when your food tastes good and is good for you, you don’t crave other junk and you can enjoy the challenge so much more! The last time I did a Paleo/zone challenge I was miserable. I was frustrated for most of it and just couldn’t figure out what to eat. It seemed like all I could eat was weird pieced together foods and I felt extremely limited. Now I feel like I’m eating more normal meals and just so much more positive and happier. I think if I hadn’t done the other challenge prior to this, though, I would be unhappy and feeling lost and frustrated and want to give up after a week. But really this week has been pretty easy and I feel like all I have to do is rinse and repeat each week for 5 more weeks πŸ™‚

Yes, I am hungry and yes I’m getting some crazy cravings – don’t think I’m not! But they are more manageable right now. I’m not eating EXACTLY how my team leader would like me to but if I am going to make this more of a lifestyle change than a challenge diet, I need to adjust what she’s given me to my lifestyle. Some of the recipes and such have caught Nick’s eye, too – so if I adapt it a little he will probably want to eat some once this is done, too.

I have no idea what to do about eating out yet – I get anxiety thinking about social situations. I know if I weren’t doing the challenge I would just splurge on those days and not worry as much. But I want to win this challenge, I want to lose this weight, I want to look and feel great going to Germany, I want results! And for you to get some pretty awesome results in 6 weeks you have to say no to some outings that you’d normally say yes to. BUT! I did decide before this even started to allow myself to indulge in non compliant foods during the Superbowl and Valentine’s Day. Those are really the only 2 big special days I want to indulge on. Thankfully those are the only “holidays” too!

So yeah – Week 1 is on the books! And I did Amazing! πŸ˜€ I’m excited for Week 2!



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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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