CFHS Nutrition Challenge Baseline WOD FINALE

So back in January I started a nutrition challenge with my gym and to kick off the event we took measurements, weight, and body fat % (I did the dunk truck). We also did a baseline WOD. Well I haven’t weighed in yet or gotten my new measurements but I did redo the Baseline WOD so I could get that out of the way:


800m run

50 push-ups

50 squats

50 sit-ups

50 ring rows

50 walking lunges

50 mountain climbers

50 burpees

The first time I did this WOD I got 160 reps – THIS time I got 182 reps! That’s a 22 rep improvement! 😀 I am thrilled with these results! I’m pretty sure I ran faster and I did the push ups faster the 2nd time.

Saturday I will get weighed and measured and dunked. Then this challenge will officially be over! I have actually had a pretty good time doing it. There was a lot of whining and a few things that irked me along the way, but in general I did learn a lot about food/nutrition and my body. I seem to be spending a lot more time in the Organic food section at Kroger and I’m reading labels more. I’ve been actually liking living gluten free – but I still miss wine, cookies, ice cream, and chocolate. The treats. I do think indulging about once a month is important. And since I literally indulged 1 time in 7 weeks, I’m aching for some treats. Some might say 1 treat day in 7 weeks is all you should have but I really think in order to stay sane, you need to enjoy life. And sometimes life = treats or going out to dinner or out for a drink every few weeks. One of the things I want to take away from this Challenge though, is how to limit my treats. How going out to dinner isn’t always a special occasion or how to enjoy 1 glass of wine and not go nuts and have 5 glasses of wine. Or how to enjoy 1 serving of REAL ice cream and not feel the need to have ice cream every night.

So far on my scale at home I’ve lost a little over 6# and while I’m THRILLED with that, I still have about 7-8# more until I hit my personal goal. This Challenge has definitely propelled me to continue towards my goals and I’m motivated to keep it up 🙂

I won’t lie and say I’m a little nervous for my goals in a few weeks when I go on vacation in Germany – but I think this trip I have a better plan for making better choices and I can better identify healthier food choices since this challenge. I’ll be sure to recap that trip once it happens. 😛

2 more days until final weigh in!!! 😀


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