9/29/16 WOD

We started with back squat but since I did some on Tuesday at 85# that wrecked me I decided to do 75#. We did 5×5. And that was enough 😛

Then we did our main WOD that I had to modify a bit:


15 HSPU <– 15# dumbbell press

15 Goblet Squats <– 26# for 3/4 rounds. Did air squats on the last round

15 Pull ups <– Ring Rows

15 Wall balls <– 10# ball

I managed to get 4+15. Which was plenty! My lower back was really aching since a lot of the movements required you to use your lower back for positioning, stability, etc.

Working out is definitely getting tougher! I’m 30 weeks pregnant now and I definitely feel 30 weeks! I think October might be my last month really working out. November I will most likely need to just relax more. But we’ll see.

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9/13/16 WOD

Last night I showed up and there were only 2 of us there for the 6pm WOD. So we joined a few others who are practicing for the Pensacola Beach Brawl and did 2 of their WODS:

WOD 1:

50 Hang Snatch <– used empty barbell

40 Box jump overs <– Step overs for me

50 Pull ups <– Ring Rows

This WOD was done with a partner and we finished in roughly 5:35.

We rested about 10min and then did WOD 2:

500m Row <– 0.6m bike

15 Burpees over the sandbag <– did not touch chest / body to floor

100m Sandbag Run <– a light jog without a sandbag

This was done in a waterfall effect. I didn’t look at the time though when I finished to know exactly how long it took me. I know the bike took 1 min but everything else was much longer 😛

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9/8/16 WOD and 9/1/16

I missed a WOD last Thursday 9/1/16 in here – my bad.

Started with a 12m EMOM of:

Sled pushes 100m <– 25# plate on it

HSPU <– Strict DB Press

Then we did a WOD:


10 Tire Flips <– did a medium/light tire 

10 med ball squat cleans <– 20#

I have no idea what time I finished in since we were outside and no one was keeping track of time.

9/8/16 WOD

Last night we did 3 rep max OHS and I maxed out at 95#.

Then we did 4 RFT:

25 cal airdyne

10 HSPU <– seated DB press 20#

10 Cleans <– 75#

This took me 23:56. Just under 24 min! Mostly due to the biking. I wanted to cut down on the calories but it didn’t seem like an option so I just sucked it up.

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8/30/16 WOD

Today we did three 5min WODs with 5 min rests in between.



10 Cal Airdyne

10 Hanging Knee Raises



7 cal Airdyne

15 KBS <– 24#



7 cal Airdyne

10 Thrusters <– 35#

Overall I’d get 2 – 3 rounds per 5 min WOD. I went a little too fast on the 2nd WOD and my HR was really high so WOD 3 I didn’t even get 2 rounds.

I think it’s time I went down to 2 WODs a week and coaching 2 times a week. I’m getting HUGE and I’m 2-3 weeks away from the 3rd Trimester. Life is about to get even tougher!

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8/25/16 WOD

The WOD was supposed to only be 1 rep max of 2 different barbell complexes but really that wasn’t going to take much time for me nor give me much of a workout. Thankfully the WOD was updated to do the Crossfit Lite WOD and we made the barbell complex an EMOM:

10m EMOM:

1 Power Clean + 2 Front squats + 1 Split Jerk <– 95#


800m Run <– 1.2m on the airdyne

50 sit ups <– knee raises

1000m Row <– 1.2mi on the airdyne

50 sit ups <– knee raises

800m Run <– 1.2mi airdyne

I finished in about 19:02 and felt like I at least burned a few calories along the way. 🙂

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8/22/16 WOD “Tiger Blood”

The weather has been thankfully a lot nicer than it has been but it was still rather hot by the evening.

I started with Back Squat 3 x 6 at 105#.

Then we did “Tiger Blood”:

3 rounds of:

10 Clean & Jerks 135 lbs <– 75#

400 m Runs <– 0.6mi airdyne

This took me about 10:54 and it made me dread the day when I am no longer pregnant and can run again 😛 the jerks I know really affected the run since I could feel it when I got on the bike.

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8/18/16 Partner WOD

Last night we did a Partner WOD. I was partnered with a woman who is very new to Crossfit and the gym but she did great 🙂


800m run <– She ran 400 I biked 0.6mi

30 Dumbbell Squat cleans <– 12# (should’ve gone heavier)

30 Burpees <– not chest touching to the ground. Just to plank position and back up.

This took us a bit over 30m. I don’t remember the exact time because the rig was in the way and I just wanted to get in front of the fan at that point. 😛 We did some core work but I legit have no core / abs anymore so I just flailed a bit and then sat there waiting for them to finish. Good times.

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