Training for a Crossfit Competition

Here is a list of links of all of the posts I wrote about training for my first Crossfit Competition:

Training Plans 1

First 2 a Day Workout

Back to Back WODs

Double Cindy 2 a Day and G2 Recovery

Recovery from a 2 a Day and other Tips

What to Pack for the Competition

Irrational Fears/Jitters

3 WODs – Competition Simulation Day

What to Eat Part I – Fail

When to Wear Lifting Shoes

The Last 3 Weeks of Training Plan

Taper Week

4 WODs – Mock Competition Day Attempt 2

The Final 2 Weeks

The Last Few Days

Mobility WOD and Prep

Competition Day Pt 1

Competition Day Pt 2 (videos)

Practicing for a Partner Competition

Capital Throwdown Recap: Partner Competition

2014 Crossfit Competition Training Plan

Hopper Clash Scaled Division Competition

Superfit DC – Team Competition F/F Novice


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