4/24/14 WODs

Yesterday was a pretty awesome day! I managed to cram 3 things into my evening and all 3 things went well!

I started the night off with a 1 mile run for time. I haven’t tested my 1 mile speed in a while and the last time I ran 1 mile for time I hit 8:24! That was back in October 2013 and I honestly forgot about my time. I thought it was still around 9-9:30min. Well last night I hit a new PR: 7:52!

mile run

That is literally the fastest I have ever run a mile and all without actually training any running! Yay Crossfit and general fitness!!! I’m getting faster!

Next up was back squat. I didn’t even attempt to PR last night but did finish up on 95Kg for 4 singles. The last 2 felt the strongest since I actually had a real rest between reps.

Lastly, I practiced one of the WODs for the Hopper Clash competition at Crossfit Laurel in 3 weeks. I did the 6min AMRAP Clean and Jerk @ 65#. It was not the weight that was tough, it was actually the cardio part of moving the weight quickly that was tough. I ended up getting a pretty good idea for strategy (sets of 5 for the first 3 min, then sets of 3-4 for the last 3 min) to keep my pace strong. I finished up last night with 66reps. I could’ve probably gotten more had I not just run 1 mile and squatted and rested the day before but at least I know what it feels like exhausted. Who knows when this WOD will even be chosen, if at all, on the day of the comp – I have to be ready to tackle it even when I’m pooped.

I will be taking the weekend off to attend my Level 1 Certification course so I’ll talk about how that goes on Monday. Until then you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @zimzimmie1 for live updates on my super duper exciting life. (that was sarcasm…I’m fairly boring)


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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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